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It Bears Repeating – Denying Real Cause Will Not Lower Water Levels

April 27th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

We’ve posted on this before, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River are [now] running about 21” higher than average. And the anger and frustration of shoreline property owners is understandable.

What isn’t understandable is the insistence of certain public figures to blame Plan 2014 – the just implemented water management plan for the Lake and River – as the cause.

Today’s coverage of the story from news outlets on the South shore of Lake Ontario to the River region points out what we have been saying all along, Nature plays the biggest role in water levels in the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River system. The River is fed by the outflow from Lakes Ontario and Erie, snowfall, and rainfall and runoff. And at times its outflow must be controlled due to conditions on the lower river below the Moses-Saunders Dam.

> from the The Daily News

The root of the current issues is that heavy rainfall and inflows from feeder systems such as the peaking Ottawa River were widespread on both divides of the dam.

also, “according to Arun Heer, an official with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the secretary of the International Lake Ontario St. Lawrence River Board, . . . there’s not room to outflow the water from the lake [due to the high water level below the dam.]

> from North Country Public Radio

Heavy rains on saturated soils amidst snow melt have inundated the lake, the river, and their tributaries this spring. The Ottawa River, which empties into the St. Lawrence, is flowing at record-high levels. Meanwhile, downstream near Montreal, the St. Lawrence has already flooded, triggering evacuations and boil water alerts in some communities.

meaning, as Frank Bevaqua, spokesman for the IJC, explained to NCPR, “There’s no plug that can be pulled just to drain the system. There’s an awful lot of water in the system and only so much that can be done.

As for the solution proposed by some public figures – “withdraw from Plan 2014”. That is no solution at all.

> from the Watertown Daily Times editorial page

But arguing against a plan that will restore the health of these waterways is foolish. We cannot march backward to continue practices that have damaged the ecosystem. This will help no one. . . . Plan 2014 is the most sensible approach to ensuring that Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River return to a healthier condition.

Our opinion?

The solution to this year’s, or some decades hence high water level is not a return to an outdated plan under which the same conditions have repeatedly occurred and which has led to precipitous declines in wetland habitat and species. It is instead incumbent on us to use our resources, our ingenuity and our collective political will to assist those impacted now to realistically deal with the situation and to make certain what we build in the future takes the dominant role of Nature and the reality of these dynamic water bodies and shorelines into account.

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