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Press Release: Businesses in River Community Come Together To Support New Approach To Water Level Regulation

April 24th, 2012 | Posted by admin


Business Community Joins Environmental Groups Calling for Speedy Approval of Plan Bv7.
Additional Environmental, Conservation and Sportsmen Organizations Offer Support.

A growing group of 18 business and business-related groups in the river community today joined environmental organizations by sending a letter to the International Joint Commission (IJC) urging the adoption of Plan Bv7. Plan Bv7 is a new proposed approach to water level regulation in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The plan would move towards more natural flows in the lake and the river which will benefit the environment and provide economic benefits to the region.

The latest letter is a strong show of support from business interests who recognize that this new approach to water level regulation is helpful to the economy. On March 26, 2012 an international group of 24 environmental, conservation and sportsmen organizations, led by Save The River and The Nature Conservancy, sent a letter of support for Bv7 to the IJC. The latest letter adds to a growing, diverse coalition of environmental, economic, landowner, and citizen groups that are supporting the new plan. Furthermore, the list of environmental, conservation and sportsmen organizations supporting Plan Bv7 has grown to 28.

In the letter submitted today the groups state, “Our businesses, organizations and the economy of this region depend on the health and beauty of the lake and river and their ecosystems. Moving toward more natural water flows in these bodies of water will not only improve the environment, it will also provide substantial economic and shoreline benefits.” The list of businesses supporting Plan Bv7 will grow in the coming weeks as organizations from the river community and across New York State add their names to this letter.

Jennifer Caddick, Save The River executive director, said, “Plan Bv7 is a balanced approach to regulating water levels and the letter sent to the IJC today is clear evidence of that. Momentum is growing and we are very pleased that this growing support includes businesses from our community that recognize that this new plan has real, substantial benefits for everyone.”

The letter of support was signed by:

The Clayton Guides Association (Clayton, NY); Classic Island Tours (Clayton, NY); Chalk’s Marina & Boat Sales (Fisher’s Landing, NY); Chaumont Yacht Club (Chaumont, NY); Coyote Vision (Pittsford, NY); Gamble Distributors (Carthage, NY); Garlock’s Lumber and Hardware (Alexandria Bay, NY); Martin’s Marina & Motel (Cape Vincent); Northern Marine (Clayton, NY); Paul Norton Canvas (Chaumont, NY); RJ Marine (Clayton, NY); Schermerhorn Harbor (Hammond, NY); The Ship Motel (Alexandria Bay, NY); Sign Man Charters (Clayton, NY); London and District Labour Council (London, Ontario); Uncle Sam Boat Tours (Alexandria Bay, NY); Van’s Motor Marine Inc. (Alexandria Bay, NY); and Wright’s Marine (Morristown, NY).

Four environmental, conservation and sportsmen organizations have added their names to the coalition’s March 26th letter. These groups include: Trout Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited, The International Water Levels Coalition and The Lake Plains Waterfowl Association.

Plan Bv7 was announced on January 30th and represents an innovative approach to water level regulation in Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. At that time Save The River and The Nature Conservancy expressed their support for the approach contained in Plan Bv7, which will deliver environmental improvements along with substantial benefits for the regional economy and property owners.

A copy of the letter is attached. More information on Plan Bv7 is available on web sites of Save The River and The Nature Conservancy. These pages will provide continuous updates on the review and approval of Plan Bv7. Any group, business or individual interested in supporting Plan Bv7 is invited to contact either organization.


About Save The River:

Save The River was formed in 1978 to protect and preserve the ecological integrity of the Upper St. Lawrence River through advocacy, education, and research.

About Plan Bv7:

Plan Bv7 has been formulated over the course of ten years with the input of more than 180 stakeholder representatives, experts, and scientists from government agencies, academia, NGO’s and industry in New York, Ontario, and Quebec.

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