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Save The River comments on the latest Cape Vincent Wind Project filing

April 19th, 2013 | Posted by Lee

Given our mission, we are keenly aware of the need to find and implement effective solutions to a changing climate and support efforts to shift energy production to renewable, appropriately scaled and sited sources. Because of this, we have viewed the proliferation of commercial, industrial wind projects and the increasing number of turbines within each project proposed to be located in the upper St. Lawrence River region with concern.

Consistent with our mission of protecting the environmental integrity of the St. Lawrence River and the species, human and animal, that depend on it, we are adamantly opposed to the CVWP Project moving to the application phase under Article 10 until a comprehensive, cumulative assessment of bird and bat mortality is conducted which includes all projects which have been proposed in the River region. This assessment should be bi-national and coordinated among the several federal, state and provincial governments that have the authority, jurisdiction and agencies with requisite expertise to conduct such an assessment. Allowing pre-construction studies (supplemented by totally useless post-construction studies) undertaken piecemeal and by project proponents is a woefully inadequate way to address the issues alluded to in CVWP’s own documents.

Save The River believes that the people of Cape Vincent, the River region and New York State deserve and should demand new, comprehensive, cumulative studies of potental bird and bat mortality in order to better determine the true nature of the potential threat to this critical flyway.

Full text of the letter here.

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