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February 17th, 2015 | Posted by Lee


The Governor Gets It:

He is a life-long and avid angler. He knows healthy fisheries are important to communities along the St. Lawrence. In Waddington in 2013, he described fishing as “real jobs, it’s real economic development.

We Get It:

We ALL love the St. Lawrence River, and we all know someone who loves to fish on it. We know that over 50 years of destructive water levels management has decimated native Northern Pike populations by over 70% among a host of other very negative impacts. We also know Plan 2014 is one sure-fire way to keep fishing alive on the River for generations to come.

cuomo fishing1 Plan 2014 is a modern water levels plan that will restore 64,000 acres of severely degraded wetlands. Restoring the vital functions they provide like critical fish habitat, and bolstering our recreation and tourism-based economy in the process.

We need the Governor to support our fisheries by supporting Plan 2014:

Our federal government is considering Plan 2014 now, but a key voice is missing – our Governor’s.

Let the Governor know you support Plan 2014 and that he should too:

Since Plan 2014 was formally proposed 8 months ago many of you, along with thousands of others, have spoken out in favor of the Plan, sending emails, letters, telegrams, and signing petitions.

NOW is the time for the Governor to speak out in favor of Plan 2014.

PLEASE CALL Governor Cuomo today and tell him you support Plan 2014 to restore fishing and the tourism economy along the St. Lawrence River.

Call: 1-518-474-8390, the Governor’s office phone number

Suggested Script:

“I am calling to urge Governor Cuomo to endorse Plan 2014 for better water levels management on the St. Lawrence River. I support the Governor’s environmental record and this will be a key addition. Plan 2014 will restore our fisheries, restore our wetlands and restore our River dependent economy. He must take this opportunity to leave our children the River they deserve, and restore the River region’s tourism economy.”

Please SHARE this with others who also want a healthy St. Lawrence River. Ask them to call the Governor too.

Once you make the call let us know on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SupportPlan2014.

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