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River Remembrance Day Quotes

November 2nd, 2015 | Posted by admin

River Remembrance Day 2015

Thoughts from our members:

I miss the St. Lawrence River! – Jeff M. 11/2/15

We who stay here all year long are the most fortunate. To experience the River during all seasons is a gift. – Lauran & Dan T. 11/2/15

What a splendid way to honor the River. – Carol G. 11/2/15

No deep thoughts. We just plain old miss the River. -Phil & Kate P. 10/26/15

We are Long Island residents who found ourselves in Clayton about 5 or 6 years and enjoyed the River for several lovely summer days. On another car trip we drove halfway out on the Cape’s peninsula before heading to visit friends in New Brunswick- again, some enjoyable River experiences. It’s worth preserving! – Valerie G. 10/26/15

Join us & other River lovers for our River Remembrance Day 2015 Non-Gala

Saturday evening, the seventh of November there will be no dinner, no dancing, no big-name entertainment.

Instead, we invite you to enjoy a quiet evening at home, wherever that may be this time of year, reflecting on the natural beauty of the St. Lawrence River, and we offer you the opportunity to join us in a River Illumination Ceremony.

As River Remembrance Day approaches we will be sharing River quotes as we receive them.

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Jim Magnes

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