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The Non-Gala is Over, but We Can All Still Celebrate the River!

November 9th, 2015 | Posted by admin

It was a wonderful evening. Quiet, calm and perfect for reflection whether you were on, near or miles away from the St. Lawrence. Its power and magic binds us all together – and it always will.  We’ll do it again next year, look for the invite and join us with your reflections.

Just a few final thoughts from this year’s non-gala participants:

Being gone from the River for 6 months gives me summer all year long as I winter in Florida BUT I miss seeing the changes that occur. The River is my soul, my peace, my comfort; it restores my balance so by the time May 1 comes each year I HAVE to head north. I need its comfort and its restoring qualities to give my life its balance. – Lois L. 11/6/15

I miss the St. Lawrence River! – Jeff M. 11/2/15

We who stay here all year long are the most fortunate. To experience the River during all seasons is a gift. – Lauran & Dan T. 11/2/15

What a splendid way to honor the River. – Carol G. 11/2/15

No deep thoughts. We just plain old miss the River. – Phil & Kate P. 10/26/15

We are Long Island residents who found ourselves in Clayton about 5 or 6 years and enjoyed the River for several lovely summer days. On another car trip we drove halfway out on the Cape’s peninsula before heading to visit friends in New Brunswick- again, some enjoyable River experiences. It’s worth preserving! – Valerie G. 10/26/15Jim Magnes

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