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St. Lawrence sewage dump: City releases test results

November 19th, 2015 | Posted by admin

From the CBC News Montreal:

St. Lawrence sewage dump: City releases test results
Fecal bacteria far above average concentrations, resemble numbers seen during heavy rains

The big spike on Nov. 12 was registered by a station close to one of the pipes that spewed the raw sewage, near LaSalle Boulevard and Stephens Street in Verdun. . . The reading that day was 2.7 million coliform units per 100 mL of river water.

While well upstream from Montreal, it is still useful to note that in New York State a fecal coliform level of 1000 units per 100 mL in the St. Lawrence River (or any freshwater body) can lead to the closure of beaches to swimming.

Making the comparison of the deliberate dumping of sewage to a rainy day is very concerning.

Looking Beyond Montreal:

Despite the obvious problems with Montreal’s actions, there is another important story to tell. Montreal’s planned, undiluted dump is an egregious case of sewage pollution – but this is by no means a problem limited to Montreal.

According to the Alliance for the Great Lakes, more than 24 billion gallons of combined untreated sewage and stormwater is dumped into the Great Lakes each year, and the Environmental Protection Agency reports 772 cities across the U.S. have combined sewage and stormwater systems, which release untreated sewage into surface water in wet conditions.

What you can do:

Make sure your elected leaders know that you prioritize modernizing wastewater infrastructure…

Educate yourself…

Become an advocate for freshwater, become a member of Save The River. Your volunteer effort and membership contribution enables Save The River to continue to protect and fight for clean water in the St Lawrence.

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