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Remembering the River means working to protect it for future generations

November 21st, 2015 | Posted by Lee

Jodrey Pic

41 years ago today the Roy A. Jodrey went down off Alexandria Bay after hitting Pullman Shoal. Over the years she has been the source of contamination from slowly leaking oil left in the port side day tank.

In 2002 a major effort was undertaken to remove the remaining oil. The amount removed was far less than what was expected to be on board. Concern over any oil being left to leak comes from fact that one-quart of oil will foul 150,000 – 250,000 gallons of freshwater. However, since the clean up effort no leaking fuel has been observed.

Ironically on the 30th anniversary of the sinking of the Jodrey – eleven years ago – the Seaway corporations and shippers decided to re-brand the St. Lawrence River “Highway H2O”. Doing so created a clever marketing tool, but it also reduced one of North America’s most significant waterways to just another piece of infrastructure.

Recent efforts by the Seaway corporations to market the River as a highway for crude oil – both tar sands and Bakken (“bomb train”) crude – require all of us concerned about the health of the River to focus on andOil Collage fight the threat these cargoes pose to it.

Shipping on the St. Lawrence River has long been an all-risk and no-reward proposition, and the shipment of crude oil will exponentially increase the risk to our environment, our economy and our communities. Having suffered a major oil spill on the St. Lawrence River, we know all too well the risks involved with even traditional cargoes.

As pressure increases to bring these dangerous cargoes to the waters of the St. Lawrence River and Great Lakes, we must take steps to protect our River before it’s too late.

Save The River has been fighting to protect the vulnerable natural and human environment on the St. Lawrence River for its entire 37 year history. Join us and support our work on the River by becoming a member today.

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