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Positions Open at Save The River

September 7th, 2017 | Posted by admin

Save The River, a member-based, nonprofit environmental organization, has been the “voice for the St. Lawrence River” in the U.S. and Canada since 1978. Save The River’s mission has always been to restore, preserve and protect the ecological integrity of the Upper St. Lawrence River through advocacy, education and research. In 2004, Save The River was designated the Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper and became a member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance with the goal of a swimmable, fishable, drinkable River.

As the leading grassroots advocacy organization working to protect the St. Lawrence River, Save The River takes an active role in River policy issues, engaging decision makers, community leaders, residents, visitors and volunteers to make positive change. Every year we work with school districts in the watershed to educate 1,000+ students in a place-based curriculum that stresses age appropriate aspects of stewardship.

Significant progress has been made in protecting the St. Lawrence River’s water quality and habitat, and in expanding the number of people and communities involved in that effort during the 39 years of Save The River’s existence. However, much remains to be done and we are looking to expand our team to take on the task.

Positions we are looking to fill (click for position description):

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Save The River Honors its Volunteers

August 11th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

2017 Volunteers & two of the Volunteers of the Year – Ron Daly (left) & Bill Taddeo (right)

On a beautiful summer day at the Bridge Authority’s Rift Camp, many of Save The River’s over 250 volunteers came together to share stories, celebrate their good work to protect the River, and to honor this year’s Volunteers of the Year – the men, women and students who have sampled the water quality at area swimming holes since 1998 – our Beach Watch Volunteers.

Save The River has many well-subscribed and robust volunteer programs – Common Tern Restoration, Riverkeeper & Jr. Riverkeeper, Shoal marking, Catch & Release, event support like Run for the River™ and others, and our many educational programs – and the volunteers for each are superstars. As we have said before, ‘Volunteers are the heart, soul and muscle of all we do to protect the St. Lawrence River.” But this year – a year with a few challenges where the water meets the shore – we chose to honor our Beach Watch volunteers.

  • This year we honor our volunteers for their long time involvement with the Beach Watch Program:
    • Jean and Ron Daly, monitoring Lake of the Isles since 2008
    • Ben Giardina, monitoring Lake of the Isles since 2015
    • Mary Mitchell, monitoring Scenic View Park since 2013
    • Maria Purcell, monitoring Potter’s Beach since 2008
    • Bill Taddeo, monitoring Wilsons Bay since 2014
    • Dick Withington, monitoring Round Island since 2007

What was true in 1998, when we introduced the program in a letter to local municipalities, is true today, when the results of our monitoring efforts are reported internationally, “Everyone loves to visit the ‘local swimming hole’ on a summer day on the River. Public dock areas, riverfront parks, and island beaches make for great swimming and sunning, digging in the sand or turning over rocks to find other River inhabitants sharing the same spot.” What we didn’t say explicitly then, but what we are all very aware of is that we all want the water we play in to be fishable, drinkable and swimmable. So we test once a week, rain or shine, for 9 weeks in the summer.

Over the years Save The River has worked in partnership with several associations including: Round Island Association, Lake of the Isles Association, the Thousand Islands Land Trust and property owners on and near Wilson’s Bay. Results are published weekly on our webpage, social media and in the Swim Guide website and app.


About Save The River® / Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper®

Since 1978 Save The River, a community-based membership not-for-profit organization, has been the leading environmental organization fighting for the ecological integrity of the St. Lawrence River. Its mission is to preserve, protect and restore the River now, and for generations to come. It delivers educational programs to students and adults about the River, its fragility, and the importance of protecting it. Save The River is committed to being a forceful advocate for policies and programs that promote clean water protections and to resist those that eliminate or weaken them.

Please consider volunteering and becoming a member of Save The River to support our education programs and advocacy for a healthy St. Lawrence River.

Contact us at:, or (315) 686-2010

Join or donate at:

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Ontario Senator Bob Runciman, a true “Friend of the River”, leaves the Senate

August 9th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

We note the departure of Senator Bob Runciman from the Canadian Senate and applaud his outstanding service to the St. Lawrence River. He was an early supporter and has been a long term member of Save The River, founding the Canadian chapter. He has been a consistent champion of cross-border initiatives important to the health and sustainable use of the River.

Senator Runciman receives the Friend of the River award February 4, 2017

Earlier this year Save The River was pleased to award Senator Runciman its “Friend of the River” award for his work on major issues facing the River and the communities that depend on it being healthy. He was a vocal and influential proponent of the new water levels plan – Plan 2014 – to restore vital wetland habitat and key species to the River. He has been engaged with local, provincial, state and federal officials on both sides of the River on the issue of prevention and control of invasive species and the lessening of challenges to boaters and anglers in our multinational waters.

We take Senator Runciman at his word that he is not retiring and hope to see him frequently on the River where he has had such a positive impact over the years.


Save The River’s Friend of the River™ award is given to individuals or groups who have contributed in an exceptional way to protecting the St. Lawrence River either through advocacy or programs in line with Save The River’s mission and vision.

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Run for the River™ 15 Was Fantastic!

July 31st, 2017 | Posted by Lee

Great turnout! Great runners! Great volunteers! Great sponsors! Great weather!

Congratulations to all runners and walkers on a spectacular race!

Race results

5K Results

the top 3 overall female 5K runners – Mia Pestle (19:24), Jill Corbut (20:05), Megan Simmons (20:08)

the top 3 overall male 5K runners – Owen Vincent (17:58), Steven Doe (18:32), Joshua Rainbolt (19:02)

5K Results by Age Group

Female 13 and under -– Alexa Doe (21:37)

Male 13 and under – Ethan Petrus (22:55)

Female 14-19 – Lily Dougherty (21:30)

Male 14-19 –- Patrick Farrell (19:13)

Female 20-29 – Abbie Brinson Woodru (24:26)

Male 20-29 –- Bill Roy (22:12)

Female 30-39 –- Jessica Lister (23:02)

Male 30-39 –- Todd Domachowski (19:50)

Female 40-49 –- Deborah Doe (20:23)

Male 40-49 –- George Mesires (24:04)

Female 50-59 –- Laurie Beth Pestle (23:52)

Male 50-59 – Timothy Percy (21:24)

Female 60-69 –- Joanne Reese (24:58)

Male 60-69 –- John Kozak (24:23)

Female 70+ – Betty Goldfarb (49:57

Male 70+ – Cecil Currin (32:47)

All 5K Results are online and can be viewed on the ARE Event Productions site by clicking here.

10K Results

the top 3 overall female 10K runners – Meredith Kennedy (41:34), Roxanne Marmion (46:11), Eleanor Hanna (47:26)

the top 3 overall male 10K runners – Colin Wilkinson (37:13), Brian Morgan (38:47), Gary Romesser (41:02)

10K Results by Age Group

Female 14-19 –- Michelle Gloska (49:46)

Male 14-19 –- Matthew Jones (49:36)

Female 20-29 –- Heather Valadez (48:41)

Male 20-29 –- Chistopher Morrissey (42:03)

Female 30-39 – Lesley Vars (47:37)

Male 30-39 –- Josh Kime (42:04)

Female 40-49 –-  Laura Borrelli (51:57)

Male 40-49 – Charlie Flynn (42:57)

Female 50-59 – Mary Eckstein (48:39)

Male 50-59 – Norris Pearson (41:13)

Female 60- 69 – Sherry Gilbert (52:08)

Male 60-69 – Mark Sager (47:16)

All 10K Results are online and can be viewed on the ARE Event Productions site by clicking here.

Many thanks to our generous Event Sponsors and Supporters!





















and our In-Kind Sponsors: Clayton Shurfine and Frontenac Crystal Spring

And, many thanks to the many volunteers without whom this Run would not be possible

& to the supportive community organizations the Village & Town of Clayton are home to, including

the Clayton Fire Police, Clayton Police Department, Thousand Island Emergency Rescue Service (TIERS), and the staffs and officials of Village and Town of Clayton.

See you all next year Saturday, July 28th 2018!

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It’s a big River we all share, . . .

July 15th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

. . . and we at Save The River love our part of it.

Join us however you can in our work to preserve, protect and restore the St. Lawrence River, . . . now and for generations to come.

click the image for a larger version
#itsourriver #stlawrenceriver

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No Wake Zone within 600 feet of Lake Ontario or St. Lawrence River shorelines!

July 2nd, 2017 | Posted by Lee

Use Caution! Be Respectful!

Boat around others’ docks, boathouses, and property like you want them to boat around your’s.

Please share this widely.

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Celebrate the St. Lawrence River with Us!

July 1st, 2017 | Posted by Lee


































River Remembrance Reply Card 


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Scientists tell Oswego paper, “Plan 2014 not to blame for Lake Ontario flooding”

June 30th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

In another well-researched and well-sourced story, this one in today’s Palladium-Times by reporter Seth Wallace, the paper asked “nearly a dozen experts on geology, biology, meteorology, other earth sciences and international law”,

Did Plan 2014 cause the flooding?

The answer,

Without exception the answer came back the same: No, Plan 2014 did not cause the flooding.

The article also sheds new light on the strength of claims being made by some of the state’s elected officials that Plan 2014 is to blame for this year’s high water.

“The Palladium-Times made multiple requests this week to both [Rep.] Katko and Tenney’s offices to provide any data they had received from any expert that showed evidence of Plan 2014 as the cause of the flooding.

Both offices were either unwilling or unable to produce such evidence.”

As we have said all spring, the solution to this year’s high water is not a return to a plan under which the same conditions have repeatedly occurred. Instead we need to use our resources and political will to assist those impacted now and ensure what we build takes Nature’s role and the reality of dynamic water bodies and shorelines into account.

The full article is worth a read.

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No Longer “Business as Usual”, Climate Change Changes Thinking

June 1st, 2017 | Posted by Lee

Not our usual allies in the effort to restore, preserve and protect the St. Lawrence River – major U.S. corporations.

But in a year of historic water levels brought on by record breaking rainfall, following years of wild swings in weather, increased intensity of storm events, many overwhelming infrastructure and disrupting the environment and human activity:


The St. Lawrence River Valley is not immune. The impacts are not occurring somewhere else. And, while our activities may not add much to the global picture, the River we rely on for physical, mental and spiritual sustenance will be impacted.

The Paris Agreement, agreed to by 195 countries, is a, if not the, most important step taken to date to address climate change. As the world’s leading economy, the world’s leading innovator, and the world’s leading consumer of energy and emitter of its by-products the United States must stay engaged in the world-wide effort to address climate change.

We must stay in the Paris Agreement.

If the environmental perspective isn’t persuasive, look at the list of of major corporations supporting the Paris Agreement. Visit the website, “Businesses urge president to remain in Paris Agreement

Join some of America’s largest corporations and call the White House and your Senators and Representative today and tell them we must stay in the Paris Agreement:

White House: (202) 456-1414
U.S. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121

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Challenging Conditions on the River

May 8th, 2017 | Posted by Lee

Conditions on the River Demand Attention, Courtesy and Knowledge When Boating

The River is very high right now and may be for the next few weeks.

Many of our neighbors, as well as many of us, have docks, boathouses and shoreline that are under water or threatened by the high water. It is also the case that the high water has brought more debris than usual into the River and many of its tributaries.

If you are on the water:

Pay Attention – there may be more debris than usual, either floating or partially submerged.

Be Courteous – slow down well before you approach a dock and much further from shore than you normally would. Any wake you throw is potentially going to cause damage to someone’s property.

Be Knowledgeable – for your safety and that of your passengers and others, know the water where you are boating. Shoals that are normally marked by this time each year, are likely not yet marked due to the difficulties our volunteers are having getting on the water. Also previously visible hazards may now be submerged. If you have any questions – get a chart and use it.

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